So, here’s a quick edit of a small section of my many pairs of footwear.  Credit where it’s due? Major shout out to Eden at fussy.  She also posts a mean NaBloShoeMo.  Stole the idea right from her.  Fussy is one of the first blogs I read back in the old days of rotary phones and turntables.

(Get off my lawn!)

So, The Boots.

They’re vintage and belonged to my Mother.  She was a 60’s era folk singer.  I imagine they looked fantastic with a pair of patterned tights and a cute jersey mini-dress.  (Notice they don’t even fit in the Instagram frame.)

I’d wear them but they’re about 2 sizes too small.  Crushed, I’m crushed.



White Mountain Suede “Sh-Booties”

These numbers were purchased at Marshall’s and were a raging deal.  The bonus?  They have an awesome tread.  I’ll be able to wear these even in the worst, snowy Cleveland conditions.  And still be wearing hot shoes.  Because that’s important.


Snow Boots

These are my dress snow boots.  Yes, I am a vain asshole.  They have great tread, are water proof and are lined.  The beauty of them?  If it’s punchy snow, I dig in the heels and am completely mobile and don’t slip.


Born Hippie Boots

These are great with hippie skirts or jeans.  I got them on sale at DSW several years ago.  They would also probably look cute with tights and a jean mini.  Hmmm, I might have to put that together for the weekend!


Doc Marten Shit Kickers

Because sometimes you have to go old school, even at work.  They can be polished to a nice shine.  Not that I’d ever do that to these.  I like to think I’m cultivating the Johnny Depp worn-out, ugly boot look.


These Are my Moon Boots

Technically these should be my snow boots.  If I go sled riding or decide to make snow angels with my nephew, I wear these.  They could even be considered apres ski wear if I ever actually went skiing.  They’re insulated, they’re waterproof and I look like an alien when I wear them.


Steampunk Boots

I purchased these at JCPenney specifically to wear with my first Steampunk outfit.  They’re hot looking.  And just a tad bit too high.  I’m wearing them anyway because they’re hot.  And they’re Steampunk.


80’s Vintage

Purloined from Grandma’s closet.  Yeah, the Mom of my Mom.  I think their taste in boots is similar.  Which is to say it’s excellent.  These are awesome with black tights and a mini.  Very sassy.  Also very nice with flared jeans.


My First Love

I bought these at Marshall Field’s in the late 80’s.  I had absolutely no business buying these beauties.  The price I paid for them then is out of my budget even now.

And I wish they still fit me.  I had pipsqueak little feet then.  I’m glad I still have them.  I take them out every now and again and bask in the glory.


First Pair of Spider Killers

Yes, that’s a pair of stainless toes on the black, soft as velvet, Elk cowboy boots.  They’re beautiful.  They’re comfortable.  They’re kick ass.

And I can wear them in Cleveland approximately 3 days out of the year.  It has to be cool.  There cannot be any road salt on the pavement at all.


Dude, Are You Serious?

These Luccheses are just cowboy boot perfection.  The pattern and colors are stunning.  And yet, as far as cowboy boots go, they’re not too outlandish.  I can wear them with a long black skirt and black blazer to work, even.  They, of course, look way better with jeans or a jean skirt.  But I like to push the envelope a bit and wear them to work.  Because I can. (3 days per year only, just as the boots above)


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