Out with the Old…

No resolutions.

Plans.  And a little bit of whimsy thrown in.  But lots of cleaning.  Sorting.  Deciding.  Purging.  Donating.  (None of which was a “resolution”)

I cleaned the spare bedroom which was full of piles of my stuff, Christmas presents (!), empty Christmas boxes and miscellaneous unused items.  It’s always good to have that room in relative order in case an overnight guest should pop in.

And then there’s my studio.  I’ve started calling it my studio rather than my office.  I’m almost done with it!  95% done and a few tweaks will make it 100%.  I’ve taken pictures along the way because it’s going to look nice when it’s done.  I promise to share.

These images are of other creative people’s studios.  I guess mine wasn’t that far off the mark. (Hah, it was.  Far off the mark…)

Studio Space of Artisan Originals

Christmas is done and the decorations are down and stowed.  Catalogs are sorted and recycled.  Next is the kitchen.

Cue horror movie music.  It’s the kitchen.  I’m sensing a major purge and reorganization…..

Someone hold me.  Or pass me a glass of wine and a Xanax.

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