Play Poi and the Hoop

I started spinning poi almost 3 years ago.  I caught it right away and quickly sewed up a pair of practice poi.  A year into my poi fascination, I attended a Solstice Celebration in Southern Ohio.  They had people that spun and twirled things that were on fire.

I knew I had to spin fire poi.


Fire Spinning from Poi Pixies

Well, it’s almost here.  My fire poi are being shipped from New Zealand right now. I should have them in about a week.

I’d like to be able to complete some of these tricks…soon.

One thing I never really “picked up”???  Hoop.  Yes, hula hoop.  I’m taking a Hula Hoop Dance class right now.  I still don’t quite have the hips right and I drop the hoop more than I spin it.  But it’s fun and I’m learning.  To hoop.  I’m learning to hoop. Finally…….

Hopefully fire hoop is next.

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