Exciting things are brewing…

They’re brewing everywhere.  My dear, dear friends are in the midst of a fabulous Renaissance.  They’re dreaming big, being super creative, plotting, planning and realizing.  That’s right, this isn’t mindless dreaming going on here.  This is planning and manifesting.

I’m beyond thrilled to see this burst of creativity.  This inspiration.  It is truly beautiful and very inspiring to me.

Angelia’s Art

My dear friend Angelia is an amazing, inspired artist.  She started blogging a couple of years ago and is now a blogging juggernaut.  She posts quite often, runs art journal classes and is constantly creating beautiful pieces for clients and filling multiple journals to the brim.

Here’s a small taste of her work.  She has a series of posts titled Monday’s Mandala.  She is creating a mandala every Monday for 24 weeks.

Creativity and Movement?

The fabulous Renee all about this.  She runs a hula hoop dance troop called Little Wing Dance Company and dances at events (Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland’s Walk Rock & Run, Spirit in Motion etc.)  throughout Northeastern Ohio.

She also teaches beginner and advanced hoop classes two days a week during most of the year.  If this doesn’t keep her busy enough, she’s constantly creating original art for her home and her friends and family.

Take a look at Heart Magick:

The Art and Artistry of ArieMoon by the deliciously talented Valarie.  Valarie is an incredible artist who finds nearly a bazillion ways to create, tell stories, inspire and open hearts.

What medium does she use?  So, so many.  She crafts beautiful jewelry, spirit dolls, totem animals, collages etc. etc.

She also writes, creates music with her husband, Jeff, and is an amazing designer.  She designs commissioned pieces and also creates for specific shows throughout the year.  Her home contains so many beautiful things, amazing creations and is full of love, magic and quite a bit of whimsy.

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1 Response to Exciting things are brewing…

  1. angelia says:

    I’m so honored to be included among these extremely talented women! Thanks for the shout-out and the warm fuzzies! ♥

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