Dream 1 & 2

I dream a lot.  I’ve kept a dream journal for years and years.  I just had to share this one….

I was at a Renaissance Faire, and while I’ve never been to one in real life, I imagine my dream was fairly accurate.  I was in some sort of an open air pub, surrounded by women in corsets & skirts, men in leather tunics, people and animals of all sorts were wearing weird leather tri-corner hats.  I’m pretty sure I was quaffing an enormous beer from a leather mug.

Change of scene….to a circus.  I was under a circus tent, reminiscent of Tim Burton’s movie “Big Fish”.  I was surrounded by circus magicians, fortune tellers, motor cycle madmen, elephants and girls from the flying trapeze.  Then all the people surrounding me started doing magic tricks.  Then the tricks turned to real magic tricks.

Magical Dreams make me happy.

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a little pellet of hell
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