What I was doing while I wasn’t here

I told you.  I told you.  I was a traveling juggernaut in February.  I even warned myself.  I had no idea how much fun I’d have.  Or how many times I’d get to reconnect with friends.

I also had no idea how tired it would make me by month end.  Or is that the Time Change that did me in?  Nonetheless, I’m now  re-connected with my best of bestie friends and physically played out by the process.

So there was a trip to Pittsburgh to hang out with my beach sister, Amie.  We had grand plans of going to the Warhol museum and the Phipps Conservatory all in one day.  What did we actually do?  Wait in the hotel bar for our room to be ready.  Then unpacked and went to dinner and had more drinks.  The next day we went to the spa, tried to recover and then went to dinner with a friend.  We had a marvelous time catching up and hanging out.  But we didn’t actually do much.

Then it was getaway time with DD.  We went back to our cabin in the woods.  Wow.  It is so nice there.  So quiet.  And no cell reception or 3G.  We would have had to drive 10 minutes West to make a phone call.  Luckily there was no reason to make a phone call or really even to drive 10 minutes west of our little cabin in the woods.  We ate great food, met some cool people, and disconnected from everyone but each other.

So here we are, it’s the beginning of March….wait, it’s almost the middle of March.  And I’m still thinking it’s the beginning of March.  OK, let’s go with this…it’s almost Spring.  I know because the weather seems to have turned, the time changed and it’s Equinox in a few weeks.  How did that happen so fast this year?

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