weird things

Sometimes things are how they are.  And they stay that way.

Sometimes things change.  Sometimes the change is absolutely terrific.  You cheer it on as you see it changing.  Other times?  The change can be wrenching.

Sometimes things happen at random.  I have a beautiful necklace.  It is one of a set. So there are really two necklaces.  How delicious is it that two stunning necklaces go together?  Well, yes, of course it is delicious.  Each one, on their own is amazing.

And, I have another necklace.  This one I made all by myself.  I made it to celebrate taking my Reiki II class and receiving the attunement at that level. It’s weathered copper and garnet and citrine.  It’s really pretty amazing, if I say so myself.

The Stunning necklace of the two necklace set broke on Sunday.  Luckily it broke while I was in my car.  At a stop light.  So, I could pause, collect the pieces.  Which I did.  It’s now sitting on a dish in my studio waiting for repairs.

Then yesterday, at the grocery, the Reiki necklace broke.  Two of the links separated. So each loose end was hanging down across my neck.  Then another of the links separated and a piece of it fell to the floor.  I grabbed the errant piece, I grabbed the rest from around my neck and stuffed it all into my pocket.

Now I have two necklaces to fix.  Two stunning, marvelous sets of baubles to repair.  They’ll look pretty much the same when I’m done with the repairs.  But truly, both will be a little different than they were before.  And that’s ok.  I think that’s how it was meant to be.

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1 Response to weird things

  1. sugarmag says:

    You might end up with something even better. I sometimes buy jewelry that I *kind of* like & rework it into something I really like.

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