shut up

After temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s in March hit, I was ready for some old fashioned hunkering down and hibernating.  Yeah, I know.  A person like me, who loves sunshine and hot weather?  Ready to hibernate more?  What’s going on with that?

The unseasonable weather was a boost to my mood and levels of Vitamin D, for sure.  But it was unsettling at the same time, too.

I worked in the yard, cleaned up the beds and pruned all the perrenials.  And then I sat outside and waited for it to get cold again.  I got my wish.  Cold.  Rainy.  And even a bit of snow.

I got my hibernation fix.  I’m recharged, feeling great.  And now I’m ready for more  outdoor pursuits, bike rides, walks in the park and cutting the grass.

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a little pellet of hell
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