Missed Connection or something like that….

Hi!  My name’s Heather.  I’m sad.  Why am I telling you this?  (And yes, I just told you my real name too. Mark it in your diary.)  I went to the same hair stylist and colorist for 16 years.  I found someone new, after quite a search, when my stylist passed away.


The new gal is Jesse S and she used to work at Revelations Hair Salon in Lakewood.  That’s the problem.  She used to work at Revelations Hair Salon.  She’s no longer there and I miss her.  And I need my hair cut, too.

Somehow, that seems besides the point.  I need to find her first and get her micro-chipped or something.  That’s so she never disappears again.  Wait!  I guess if I had her cell it would be easy to reach her.  But micro-chipping sounds more dramatic.  And that’s where I am with this whole scenario right now.  Drama.  Upset.  Bereft even.

I mean, I went to Dave for sixteen fricking years.  Sixteen years.  That’s a long time.  That’s a ton of stories, history, inside jokes and well….investment.  He knew all my stories.  He knew my history.  He remembers when I was a brunette and then a red head.

I had already started telling Jesse my stories.  Like the stories you tell your hair stylist.  All the funny things.  All the vacation stories. And most important, all the things you keep inside.

Why is it you can tell a hair stylist almost anything?  Why is it safe to do that?  Why does almost everyone I know tell their stylist deep secrets?  Do you think it’s because the stylist knows exactly how many grey hairs you really have?

BTW, if you know Jessie S or where she is, please, please let me know.  I miss her.

I can be contacted here:  hellpellet at hellpellet dot com

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2 Responses to Missed Connection or something like that….

  1. angelia says:

    I had a hair stylist once upon a time. Then she FRIED my freaking hair. FRIED. Like an egg. Now I tell myself a lot of secrets…..

    Good to see you back!

  2. Too funny! I feel your pain. I had a great one (on my side of town), she moved away and I never had a good haircut until she came back. Her skills are good but her ability to show up on time for the appointment got worse and worse. Got a new one, liked her (not as great as the first one) but in February she gave me the wave from hell – her listening skills aren’t what I thought. Still looking for a new stylist and colorist who is up with the current decade, has acceptable listening skills and knows how to tell time. Is this too much to ask?

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