It’s totally Summer

Yes, the Solstice has passed and it’s Officially Summer.  It’s seemed like Summer since the beginning of May though.  I’m ok with that.  Really.

We’ve been on a flurry of weekend getaways since the beginning of May, too.  So much fun.  Seeing sights, reconnecting with old friends, having a laugh every minute or two.

In the midst of this flurry of social activity and road tripping, I’ve been trying to cram in a million projects.  Most have been started and woefully few of them have been finished.

My favorite every year is planting the vegetable garden and then planting all my flowers.  We have an absolutely miniscule yard.  I kind of like it that way.  Because I can do 95% of the work and maintenance  myself.  I love nothing better than to putter in the garden.  Plant a few flowers, talk to my hanging ferns and coax the tomato plants along.  The garden looks good this year.  Last year I did an overhaul on the beds. I cut in new edges, mulched deeply and carefully.  And it’s still looking good this year.

I always over buy when I purchase my annuals.  It’s seems there’s always a half a flat of impatiens left.  Every decorative pot is full.  My plant dresser is spilling over.  And I still have 15 or so plants left.  They’re the orphans.  And I plant these wee little orphans in a different spot each year.  I crowd them in and when they’ve settled, they’re an amazing pop of color.  Nestled sweetly, prettily next to the driveway.  Or snugged next to the vegetable garden.  Or a wreath around the bunny man.

As soon as my beautiful little orphans are planted I breath a deep, deep breath.  Then I lay back in the grass, zone in a bit and am thankful it’s Summer.  I breath in the delicious smell of Summer grass, growing tomato plants and delicious blooms.

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1 Response to It’s totally Summer

  1. angelia says:

    I’m right with you! I could hear my plants sigh a deep sigh of relief as we received our first thundershower in WEEKS. I hear more thunder rumbling as I type and it’s beginning to rain again. All the tender, loving care has returned a bowl full of Blue Lake bush beans this morning. Life is good! ♥

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