1st Edition LINKLOVE

I’ve still been running around but not nearly as much.  I think I’ve caught my breath enough to share the things I’ve been grooving on the past week or so.

  • When I check my Reader & see that Vanessa has posted, I click this one first every time:  A Fanciful Twist adorable dog pics (as above), artwork and pure inspiration every time.  I ❤ Vanessa!
  • Amazing & equally silly Tumblr: facemath
  • I love this guy! I think I might have a little crush on Adam Richman.  His new show on Travel Channel: Best Sandwich in America
  • Lakewood’s favorite garage band DD69 releases it’s latest.  It’s full of freshness and funk: Get Up
    (Yes, the previous album had a photo of sausage on the cover)
  • This skirt, the bracelets, the clutch!  Say Hai to Camilla
  • My new, favorite, dreamy, ethereal tumblr is Running Barefoot Through the Forest.  Great pics of the outdoors, inspiring notes and quotes.  Enjoy.

I hope you have a great week.   ~hp

About hellpellet

a little pellet of hell
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