I wear skirts and dresses in the Summer almost every day.  I desperately need pockets but in the Summer, I rarely have them.  The reason I need pockets is that I need a quick place to stash my phone.  I’m the lady who always has her phone.  Especially at work.  Who knows when I’ll get an important text or email.   Or need to take a note,  or need to check the weather.

So, what do I do? I stuff it in my brassiere next to the strap.  Yep.  I’m not shy.  I’ll whip my phone out of my bra in front of nearly anyone.  The looks I get are priceless.  But hey, I have my phone and I can probably answer your question.

So the other day I leave work in a hurry.  I get out to my car, fish in my purse for my phone……and it’s not there.  I have a big purse with one million pockets.  I search the pockets.  Then I search the main compartment.  No joy.  No phone either.

I dash back into my office.  Where the Eff is my phone?  My panic level is increasing exponentially.  Seriously, where the Eff is my phone?  I turn on the light and frantically search my desk….no phone.  I look in the drawers and on my keyboard tray.  Efff.

Then I remember.  My phone has been in my bra, on silent, all afternoon.  I’d been busy, hadn’t needed my phone and I forgot.  I forgot I put my phone in my bra.  I grabbed for it.  Then I had to fish it out.  It had been in my bra for so long it had slipped down and onto my side.  And I couldn’t feel it.

At least I found my phone.  Panic time was over.  I had my phone and could read every text from the afternoon, return calls and even check the weather.

I found it.  Next time I “lose my phone” I’ll look in my bra first.

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