I’ve been busy at work and running around doing the fun things with family and friends.  I’ve been able to be insanely creative at work the past few weeks and that makes me happy.

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Here’s what I’ve found lately that totally flipped my skirt:

  • Who had a Palm Pilot?  I still have mine somewhere even though it’s now more useful as a coaster.  Remember the “Grafitti” you had to learn to add or change things on the Palm itself? Check this out to remind yourself.
  • Do the smart thing.  Sometimes a break is just what you need. See what my friend has to say about breaks.
  • Masks:  we wear them to a masquerade ball, to a robbery or on Halloween.  When we wear them, what do they mean? AnOther Mag’s take on masks with Maison Martin Margiela.
  • Mercury Retrograde is upon us.  I generally take some time to re-tool, re-organize, re-flect, re-examine during this re-trograde period.  Maybe even try to re-lax.  For detailed info on re-trograde, go see Gala.
  • I love artists and I love to see the new things they’re creating.  My friends Angelia and Ro are up to some collaborative creation and fun.  It always gets my creative juices flowing when I see what’s next.

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1 Response to LINKLOVE

  1. angelia says:

    So how much do I want a Murano Venetian chandelier? Right smack in the middle of my living room. RED. Thanks for the Link Love, Babes!

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