OK, I’m trying to hold myself back from posting the last five posts from

I’m going to save some of them for later….they’re that good today.  The house is clean, the laundry’s done and I’ve even taken time to surf the net.  I know, that’s funny.  The truth? I’m addicted to the internets.  Actually, I’m from the internets.

photo by Kat Bret

Here’s what I’ve been digging on:

Steampunk beginnings and inspiration.

I just bought my first pair of “bright” skinny jeans and I’m loving this look.  I may need to get another pair.

Also? I’m obsessed with finding this vest/corset combo.  It’s my next must have for FaerieCon.

Faeries?  Currently obsessed.  Gratuitous pics below.  You’re welcome.

photo & eyepatch by EL Downey
photo by Renee Kogler

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1 Response to LINKLOVE

  1. angelia says:

    Totally diggin’ that aviator look and your hat is THE BOMB!

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