by Vanessa Valencia

We dance round in a ring and suppose,

But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.
-Robert Frost

I am a blog consumption machine.  There are over 40 different blogs in my Google Reader.  Not everyone posts all the time, so it doesn’t suck hours of my day.  But, yes, I’m pretty addicted to reading blogs.  I love to flip through new recipes on Pioneer Woman and Burgh Baby.  I adore the photography and graphics posts at A Beautiful Mess and DESIGNLOVEFEST.

And…..I love, love, love to read what my friends IRL have to say:  Goldiesays, Angelia’s Art.

from BΩT

But here’s the first category I click, this is where my heart lies….right on top of and inside of a magical, whimsical, glittery, flower and tree covered website.  Yep, the websites that talk about nature and flowers and gardens.  Maybe it’s just posting photos like Running Barefoot.

above images from Running Barefoot

Or maybe it’s telling magical stories about vegetable gardens, flowers, and pumpkin patches.  Vanessa Valencia at A Fanciful Twist has the market cornered on this type of blog…it’s delicious! I mean, seriously?  Magical pumpkins.  Wowza.

  also by Vanessa Valencia

And then there’s  Black Moons in those Eyes of Hers.  It’s very atmospheric, sometimes dark, very mystical.  It’s eye candy and sometimes it’s soul candy.  Go there, her tumblr is bitchin’

from BΩT

And if you’re looking and you can’t find me, please look on the internet.  I’m reading my blogs.

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