OK, so it feels like it’s late October.  And it’s only late September.  I’m wearing a blazer.  And I’m not wearing sandals or flip flops.  And the heater is on under my desk.

But alas, there’s a silver lining to this weather.  I’m getting excited for Halloween early.  And I’m thinking about wardrobe things early too.  I usually cannotshop for fall when it’s August and 89 degrees.  So now, at least, I can get my shit together and see if I need snow boots and get my winter coats cleaned.  And maybe even sort my socks.  Socks??  Nevar.

  • The grooviest, sparkliest masks.  I’d like to go to an occasion where I’d wear one of these.
  • Here’s some amazing autumn eye candy. Check the beautiful and delicious photos by Vanessa Valencia.
  • There are amazing wildlife photos by GC Russell (aka Hammerchewer) on Flickr.  Jump here to see them.  My fave is the jackdaws sitting on the rack.
  • It is fall and I’m ready for some apple and cinnamon goodness.  Hop over to burghbaby for this: Apple Pecan Biscuits.  (Disclaimer: I’m gluten free & currently indulging myself with a low carb diet.  I guess I’m craving flour.  And sugar.  Sugar!)
from the Xinjiang Snow Leopard Project

Above is a random Snow Leopard that showed up in my dreams two nights ago.
Have a great week!


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