Designs for the Weekend

Inspiration from Zara

Yep, FaerieCon is this weekend.  I’m finished with my creations for Day Fae on Friday and Saturday. I have a few things to tack on to my garments for Good Faerie Ball on Friday and Bad Faerie Ball on Saturday.  I promise to post pics of the finished product.

Above is my inspiration for Bad Faerie Ball.  I made a solid color jacket rather than tie dye.  I’m wearing black underneath it with high buckled boots.  It looks kind of “matrix-ey” and I’m excited to wear it. I didn’t make any  faerie wings to go with this.

Inspiration from Comme des Garcons

This is the most literal thing I created.  I duplicated the dress above down to the belt and metal tassels.  The only thing I modified is the color.  The bodice is dark purple and the skirt is dark blue.  It’s pretty and flows nicely as I walk.  No faerie wings for this one either.

This is inspiration too…last year’s Bad Faerie Ball.  Me in a blonde flip wig and Val in her leather top hat.  I’m definitely not sold on me as a blonde.  But the costumes are scrumptious!

I’ll do my best to capture photos of my dresses and all the crazy “goings on” in the Realm.

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