Angry Suburban Girl

I was dark.  Hell, I am dark.  I’ve always been a little dark around the edges.  I was a punk.  A mean, angry punk.  At the time, there was no goth, there was no emo.  Just punk.  I lived in a cushy suburb.

I really didn’t want for much.  And I was angry.  I had the hair.   I had the dark clothes.  I had lots of thrift store finds.  I had one thousand black rubber bracelets.  I had the spikey metal earrings.  ( I wasn’t really a punk, I just thought I was.  I was a Molly Ringwald version of punk.)

And I listened to some great music.  This music wasn’t punk, but it was dark and helped me channel my energy on the dance floor.    I just “refound” this music prompted by a friend and I’m so happy.  I’ve been listening to the Depeche Mode channel on Pandora until I can dig out my cd’s from the Cure, The Cult, Dead or Alive, Love and Rockets and the Psychedelic Furs.  And of course, Depeche Mode.

To feed my jones, I give you some of my favorite songs from back then….

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1 Response to Angry Suburban Girl

  1. angelia says:

    This is a great tune – one of my favorites of theirs! Thanks for the blast from the past. And the Thompson Twins’ tune, “Hold Me Now” – I’ve got that on cassette tape somewhere 😀

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