Wherein I Somehow Keep My Mouth Shut

I love to go on Mini-Break.  I love to go to nice B & B’s, a cute hotel, a boutique hotel, even a mangey, rundown 70’s hotel in a rural backwater.  I love it.  All of it.

Except the part, sometimes, where you go for breakfast at your B & B and you have to talk to strangers.  As in, possibly hungover, dehydrated, sleep deprived and you Have. To. Talk. To. Strangers. Before you’ve had coffee.  On the weekend.

Sometimes that bothers me.  Not enough to ever think of stopping Mini-Break at a B & B.  Nope, not enough for that. But….sometimes I pause while walking down the hall for breakfast.

Last Mini-Break?  Dinner with new people was fantastic.  The new people were great, the hosts were great.  Before dinner, we were all sitting in the Parlor.  The quippy banter had already started and a few tales were already being told.  In walks a second set of folks.  They were just a touch too loud and ended up talking across our conversation.  I’m instantly a little irritated.

So we went in to dinner.  Thankfully, the Loud-ish People voluntarily seated themselves at another table.  So, we had dinner with our fun new friends.  We had a few glasses of wine, a marvelous dinner and a decadent dessert.  Then we all went “home” to our various and lovely accomodations.

Next morning, we were up a tad early for the weekend because we had to eat and leave.  I had somewhere to be at noon.  So we kinda had to boogie.  We walk in to the dining room for the “early seating” and who’s there but the Loud-ish People?

I’m hungry, dehydrated for sure and under-caffeinated.  And not hung-over at all.  And the Loud-ish people are subdued.  At least the volume is subdued.

Them “Have we been to Silver Oaks before?”

Us  “Why, yes, we come here every year.”

Them  “That’s nice.  What in particular do you like to do while you’re here?”

Us  “Not much.  Hot tub, watch movies, read”

Them  “No really, what’s the reason you come here?”

Them Again  “Where do you visit when you’re here?”

And Them Again  “And where did you say that you’re from?”

Us, without the polite filter, would say,   “Ummmm, we come on Mini-Break to get away.  From it all.  And to do exactly nothing, if that’s what we want to do.”

Us Again  “And, no, we didn’t Say where we’re from.  Why didn’t we say where we’re from? Because we’re from the Internet, bitches!

Don’t you wish sometimes that you shared some of your inner dialogue?  Wouldn’t that just be sweet?  Every once in a while?

Them, in our dream conversation   “Oh.”

Thankfully, breakfast was over quickly and we paid our bill and scooted out the door.  We passed our new, fun friends on the way out.

We miss you new, fun B & B friends!  See you next time, hopefully.

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