I hate to tell you “I told you so”

…but I told you.  Well, maybe not you exactly but….airport sunsetNews Flash: Instagram has posted a response to all the feedback they’ve received over the last few days.

When Facebook bought Instagram for approximately 12 bajilldion dollars in April, I quit.  I quit Instagram.  I don’t like my other Social Media to mix with Facebook.  At all.  Not at all.

So, in an effort to head them off at the pass, I quit.  I didn’t want to mix the two up and I didn’t want any of the Facebook-Overlord-Shenanigans going on.  And the privacy stuff?  The juke and jive privacy stuff on Facebook makes me crazy.  As soon as you figure out how to make your profile private or relatively so, they change the game on you.  Then you have to figure it out all over again.

park sunset flare

I’m a visual person.  I love to take photos.  I love to post my photos.  But they’re my photos.  I don’t really want people using my photos without my permission.  And I certainly don’t want an image of me ending up in an ad campaign without my permission.

So, I’m glad I cut the cord when I did.  As of January 16th, Instagram can use any of your images posted after that without your permission Instagram can use them for any reason.  If you’re a creative type, an artist, a photographer, they can use your images.  Imagine a client getting upset because an image they paid for is readily available in the public domain.  No way I’d let that happen.

Rowan in Sun

So, what if you love the filters and effects at Instagram?  I use a variety of Apps on my iPhone to accomplish the same thing.

  • I use moreBeauté to filter and smooth head shots.  Skin tones and lighting always looks fabulous when I use this!
  • For filters, effects, cropping and more I use Perfect Photo.
  • My new favorite to make photo collages is PicJointer.  I think I’ve been using it a little much…I’ll try my best to keep it to a minimum.  Hah!
  • Also moreLomo and PhotoFlare are fun to use too.

My next goal is to get all of my images ported over to Flickr.  Thanks to GalaDarling for giving great pointers on doing this.  Maybe during the lull between Christmas and New Year’s I’ll get this done.

So, Mr Instagram/Facebook monster, you are gone!

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2 Responses to I hate to tell you “I told you so”

  1. angelia says:

    I’ve actually been considering severing my relationship with fb all together. They’ve lost that loving feeling.

    • hellpellet says:

      I’ve been streamlining my “old” account, soon to be quitting altogether. My new account includes 45 friends & is much more manageable.

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