RA-Mariko-Mori-TranscirclReview of Mariko-Mori: Rebirth London
  • Mariko Mori invites us to take part in “a prayer for peace and harmony for each living being on Earth”
  • If fonts were dogs.
  • DIY tiaras and crowns.  Because…why not? Curated by my new favorite blogger, Man Repeller.
  • Great advice to high schoolers: Be nice to the geeks, they’ll be your boss one day.  And they’ll wear amazing swag.
  • Currently I’m obsessed with all things Firefly.  As in thinking up possible links between their looks and faerie or steampunk costumes.  It’s a sickness.
MajickHorse on EtsyVintage Magical Hippie Gypsy Stevie Rock Star Dress Fairy Tale Coat

I’m still finding I’m motivated to purge the old and bring in the new.  Best wishes to all of you for a happy and magical 2013.

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