The days are getting longer.  I’m doing my best to try to be outside in daylight at least a little bit every day.  If not, I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.  Really and truly.  When I finally peek outside and look at the trees and the sky, I realize I’ve been hibernating.


But really, that’s what Winter is for.  To slow down, to go inside, to stay inside.  To cook up plans, scheme for the next year.  To plan your garden, literally and figuratively.  To order your seeds.


It is getting lighter a little bit every day.  It’s still light at 5:30 in the afternoon.  Which is a pretty big shift from how dark it was at the end of December.  Darkest day of the year means the light is returning.  And it has returned….even a little bit is noticeable.  I know that the corner is turned when we get to the first few days of February….and that is….just a few days away really.  The corner is just around the corner!


So, if you can’t arrange to be outside even a little bit every day, enjoy my Winter photos of sunlight and trees.  And hang on, just a little bit more.  We’re almost there.

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