LINKLOVE travel edition

I’m dreaming and plotting of going on some mind and soul expanding journeys.  Yep!  I’m ready to get on a plane.  And go on an adventure.

These journeys and nooks and crannies appear below in random order.

haystack bannerHaystack in Deer Island, Maine  Craft workshops including: blacksmithing, clay, fibers, glass, graphics, metals, and wood all in an idyllic outdoor setting.  I think I’d have a hard time leaving this place.

 by James Cheadle Glastonbury Tor 004photo by James Cheadle
Avebury RingAvebury Ring

Glastonbury/Avebury UK has been calling to me forever.  I don’t want to go to the Glastonbury Festival…oh no!  I want to visit the Tor and experience all that the Chalice Well has to offer.  Thanks to Signe Pike my need to go here has increased 1000 fold.

Pamalican Island

This year it’s the trip of a lifetime that I’m wanting:  Desert Island type stuff.  As in the Maldives, Fiji or maybe The Soloman Islands.  I’d also consider Mustique or maybe St Lucia.  I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what I’m craving. (For once I’m not needing to go back to Kauai.  What’s wrong with me?)

Amanpulo Resort

Continued tomorrow….

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