LINK LOVE Part Two Travel Edition

….continued from yesterday, part 1 of the Travel List Lust

The Zazerac by Neil WissinkI might as well stop by this schwanky little place while I’m in the UK.  Don’t ya think?  I mean who doesn’t love a hand crafted, original cocktail?


It couldn’t be far, while I’m in the UK to run up to Edinburgh, would it?  I need to go there too.  And see The Faery Flag at Dunvegan Castle and the Faerie Pools…..I could go on and on.

faery pools Isle of Skye

The next two travel wishes are decidedly state side adventures.  And they include costumes.  Actually I think costumes are required.

steam love

TeslaCon is held in the wilds of Wisconsin, Madison to be exact.  TeslaCon is a themed and color coordinated Steam Con Festival of epic proportions.  I think I need to attend and outfit myself at a few other Steam Conventions before I venture to this one.  It is supposed to be amazing….and incredibly intense.


The Pinnacle of Faery Fests and Music Fests is Faerieworlds in Eugene, OR.  And I am going.  It’s held outside and most people camp on the venue site.  It’s not really meant to be a campground…and you should wear costumes.  And dressing in costume while camping can be tough.  And sweaty.  But I definitely want to do this!

Thanks for indulging me and listening to my travel lust list!

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