Tiny Rooms

Colleen Moore Magic GardenThe Magic Garden

As a child I was really into miniatures.  My grandfather built me a saltbox style dollhouse when I was seven.  My grandmother and I used to pore over a magazine from the 50’s that had photos of a Miniature Fairy Castle. (I know!)  I made miniature pillows, blankets and comforters for my miniature beds.  I did my best to find and hang miniature wall paper and install miniature flooring.  Grandma made me miniature curtains.

I also made dioramas with my cousin Kris.  We would make double and triple-decker homes and townhouses using shoe boxes, modeling clay and construction paper.  This continued until into our early teens.  We were always a little concerned with staircases to get from one level to another.  Our dioramas weren’t Barbie sized either.  We did our best to keep the scale to the traditional size: 1″ = 1′

Colleen Moore LibraryThe Library

The magic was all there…. but the true magic lay in the Fairy Castle in Grandma’s black and white magazine.  I’d forgotten about that magazine until a few days ago.  I did a quick internet search and what did I find?  The Fairy Castle.  It’s a permanent exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  No kidding.  It’s still pretty magical, too.

Colleen Moore Princess BathroomThe Princess’ Bathroom

Apparently I’m still fascinated with miniatures in my weird way.  I have a Faerie Garden, inspired by Burgh Baby.  I am the proud owner of a Faerie Door.  And I still love to look at miniatures.  And I can do it online.

Faerie Garden \

Here are some other crazy little things I’ve found:

More tiny rooms.  Adult Big Dioramas. Maps seen a New Way. Jenny Lawson’s Haunted Dollhouse. Faerie Garden Accessories.

Door Heart Love

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