Is it???

Is it an early Spring just like Phil said?  I certainly hope so.  Both days this weekend were sunshine, outdoor weather heaven.  It was actually warmer in Ohio than it was in Beach Sister’s front yard in Baltimore.  Now that is saying something. (What it’s saying, I don’t really know)

Two weeks ago I took a walk and grabbed a few shots of nature that seemed to be waking up.

flare treeIt said that it was going to be Spring, even though there was still some snow on the ground.

Moss SpringThe moss stays around all year.  I was surprised to find it mostly green.  Evergeen?  Awesome.  Some chlorophyll to make us  a bit of oxygen.

See the little faces and the “mouth” on the tree on the left?  I’m pretty sure he’s saying “my sap is running and I’m ready for it to be Spring”  At least that’s what I heard him say.

tree collage Spring

And my favorite sign of Spring?  Snowdrops blooming.  So here it is…..

snow drops Phipps 1

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