So yeah.  Did I wish it would snow in December/January?  I think I did. I guess I kinda tempted fate a bit.

Because.  It.  Is.  Still.  Snowing.

It snowed a couple of inches over night and the plow and salt guys hadn’t been out yet.  Nothing makes me want to sleep in and watch movies more than a late March Monday morning filled with snow.  (admittedly it is pretty, but still…….)

Marie Candy

So, I’ll live in my own little world today, even though I’m sitting at work wearing a suit.  I’m off in Make Believe Land.  I don’t even want to read my favorite blogs–too much work!  I want to look at pretty pictures and wonder away.

marie berry

I watched the Sofia Coppola version of Marie Antoinette yesterday.  So, without further ado.  Pretty pictures.

marie shoes
marie puff

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