Spring has Sprung?

dresser porch

I did a pretty comprehensive deep clean about two weeks ago, including rooting through and cleaning my Studio and the Yoga Room/Guest Bedroom.  (Yeah, seriously, who does that? Clean the yoga room? Oh yeah, my MIL was coming for an overnight visit…)  So, I have been feeling kind of ahead of the game in the actual cleaning part of my Spring Cleaning.


I’ve just hit inspiration “pay dirt” in the form of Elsie and Emma’s blog & have decided to carve out a few other projects this Spring.

1.  Purge, Donate and Organize Closets

My inner hoarder has been delighted by the fact I can accumulate funny, sparkly, ethereal clothing pieces under the guise of “I need these for costuming”  And I need to kind of treat the costuming thing like I do with my wardrobe.  I need to be a little more ruthless with my purging.

Also, I think I need some outside influence and guidance.  I need a second opinion on things and want to have a friend come over for a fashion show.  Yes?  or Purge?

Porch Joined

2.  Front Porch Revamp

We resided and painted our 100 year old home several Summers ago.  We did not do anything to the porch other than paint the railings.  We need to refinish the original bead board ceiling.  And we need to strip the wood floor and refinish it.  And then I want to turn it into a second Living Room.


3.  Front Flower Bed

The shrubs are actively dying now.  And I’ve never been a huge fan of the straight across the front, three shrubs style of landscaping.  So, I think it’s time to tear it up and start all over.  New shrubs and some ornamental climbers should help.  Maybe a tree, since we don’t actually have one in our yard.  And with a new flower bed I can finally plant bulbs this Fall.  (This little project has been on the “To Do” list since I bought the house 14 years ago.)

Oh, and if I don’t get to everything, I’m sure I can just put it on my “to do list” for Summer.

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1 Response to Spring has Sprung?

  1. I’ve never really had a to do list. Now we have a home and a to do list. hopefully we’ll get to working on our porch soon.

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