Done Cold

End of the Ride Bliss. Soon to be in the warm car.

It’s been a late winter, cold spring kind of thing this year hasn’t it?  I keep writing about spring.  And at least on the days of our long bike rides  It.  Is.  Not.  Spring.

It’s pretty solidly winter.  We’ve started a ride at 26 degrees.  And have started many more at just below freezing.  The warmest it’s been as we’ve finished our ride is 50 degrees.  8 weeks of cold.

To say that I’m over the cold while riding my bike would be an understatement.  Over it.

There’s not much to do but plod on and keep riding. (and keep whining about it too)   We’ve got a deadline, which is June 9th.  So we just have to keep moving toward it.  Moving toward it in all the layers and toe warmers that we own.

Burton ride TNT 28 deg

Everyone is freezing. But what’s up with the guy in front in shorts? BRRRRR

If you feel for our cold tootsies and noses and want to donate to our cause, you can do so here:

Clydes TNT

We’re inside and not as layered up. Bliss.

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