adrift by stella im hultbergadrift by stella im hultberg

I’ve been having very vivid, active dreams for the past few months.  As I’ve mentioned before, I keep a dream journal.  I’ve kept one for at least 15 years, maybe more.  I keep having new repetitive, themed dreams.  One places me in a park full of beautiful, lush green grass.  I’m on  a huge hillside with many other people.  It’s seems there’s some kind of huge event in the park space below us.  I never see what the event is….I’m just hanging out and catching the overall vibe.  Oh, the other thing, in the middle of the park is a huge waterfall.  Huge as in Niagara Falls huge.

falling star by Witold PurszkowskiWitold Pruszkowski, Falling Star, 1884

Then I occasionally have the hill dream.  I’m either on a bicycle or in a car.  I approach a huge hill. It’s so steep that I fear I can’t get to the top of it.  I start to drive and nearly reach the top.  And then I wake up… or my dream shifts to something else.  A week ago, I had this dream.  I was in a huge pick up truck.  Half way up the hill a woman stopped me and told me to take a left and wrap around the hillside and sneak up to the top.  She showed me the easier, switchback way to avoid the steepness.

head in the clouds by ShabelloHead is the Clouds by Shabello


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  1. reptilemind says:

    I can seldom find the switchbacks in my dreams….

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