Eff Book

likeI have three, count them, three facebook accounts.  Somehow I find that a little easier than categorizing and sorting all of my “friends”  I have one that is strictly professional.  All of my work “friends” are on there and I admin my work facebook page from there.

6th birthday

Then I have the regular, run of the mill facebook account.  I’ve had this one the longest.  Friends and family can see me here.  Also included are people I know from my childhood and school.  Some people I haven’t seen in 30 plus years.


This is the account that is the typical Eff Book experience.  The friend that shows pictures of the backyard pool and cabana every single day in the Summer.  The people that spout political opinions constantly.  The people that post all sorts of nonsense.  Funny thing is, this is my “funny feed”  I have so many of these people hidden from my feed.  So very, very many.

eff book

Then there’s the Steampunk/Faerie Facebook account.  I have 45 or so friends here.  I’ve met and/or know 98 percent of these friends.  Or I know of them from a festival or con.  And I can be much more myself on this account.  Enough of myself that I have a shortened name there….no last name.  I spend 98 percent of my time at this account.  And I love the streamlined clean feel that it has.

Thanks Eff Book!

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