Mother Nature

stranded So this image was taken yesterday.  It kind of sums up the whole weekend.  You can see by how my hair and jacket sparkle that I was standing in the sunshine.  But what the hell?  Look at the storm clouds that are rolling in.  Yep.  That happened.

We were on a “non-team” bike ride and ran into some weather.  It rained off and on for the first 10 miles.  And then it started to pour.  And then the precipitation started to sting.  It was sleeting.  Then it was snowing.  And we were riding on  a divided highway with 18 wheelers rushing by us.  And then DD and Nicole were escorted by a police car for safety.

The picture is me, in front of an abandoned restaurant,  watching for phase 3 or 4 of snow coming our way.  We decided to stop, get under cover and wait for our SAG (Support and Gear) Wagon to pick us up.  Any port in a storm, literally.

ride collage 1So, to wrap up the weekend I can say it was filled with sun, hard work, chores completed, fun and then it was filled with snow.  Our ride was dicey for about a half an hour but thanks to Raymondo for providing SAG everything turned out ok.

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