Some time Off

Mark Demsteader

Mark Demsteader

I’m looking forward to the weekend in a weird way.  We have to catch up on our cycling, there’s always that.  And we have to go to a funeral.  But I’m looking forward to some down time that I will purposely put in the mix.  I’m reading a couple of good books.  I want to work in the garden.

Yep.  I qualify working in the garden as down time.  It’s actually more like recharging my batteries when I’m outside in the yard.  Whether I’m pulling weeds, planting flowers or laying in the hammock.  It all has the same result.  It totally winds my batteries back to 100%

The Painting above is from a series by Mark Demsteader.  I love them all but couldn’t bring myself to post every single one of them. 

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