…Or Necessity is the Mother of Invention


It’s Summer almost.  Sundresses, jean mini skirts, tank tops, sandals, espadrilles.  But…..Where the Hell are they? 

My closet was still in Winter Mode, it was Winter off and on until last week.  I had tweed blazers with fur collars in the front of my closet.  Just looking at them in the heat & humidity made me want to swoon.

I really don’t have time to do a complete closet overhaul right now so……here’s what I did.

1.  Moved my Winter Clothes Out.  I put all the woolens in the Off Season position.  I culled a few pieces I haven’t worn & don’t necessarily like anymore.  They went in the donate pile.  I pulled a few pieces to go to the dry cleaner.

2. Moved Summer in to the Main Spot.  I found some things I totally forgot about.  I threw more than a few things in the wash.  How do things get dirty when folded up in a box?  I threw an entire stack of things into the donate pile.

3. Moved Summer Shoes to the Top  I ignored my boots, they’re still strewn all over the house, mostly.  Much to my husband’s chagrin.

4.  Chose 1 Pile to Completely Gut  I have a huge stack of man t-shirts.  The super big, square cut deals.  I love some of these dearly.  But I never wear them out of the house.  Like ever.  So I pruned.  I mean, who needs 25 sleep shirts when 5 or 6 will do?

5.  Saved Old, Precious Items  Some things you just can’t get rid of.  Or throw away.  Even if you never wear them.  The tie-dye t-shirt from college?  Keep one of them.  Maybe the t-shirt from the 109 mile bike ride?  Keep it.  Mom’s Amazing Prom Dress made by Grandma.  Definitely Keep It.  Everything else?  GO!  Be Gone!  Off to the Donate Pile.

organized closetSo, in the end, my closet is reasonable.  It took me about 2 hours.  It’s good for now.  At least until I have an entire day to play loud music, drink copious amounts of coffee and do an entire empty, sort, clean & re-hang.  Until then, I think I’m good.

Results:  Summer clothes are visible, available and clean.  Winter clothes are stashed.  Two huge garbage bags are donated. 



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