LOVE (Effing Keurig)

keurig 1I love you!  I know…you love me too.

But….I love the Keurig too.

And I really thought I’d hate it.  I was vehemently opposed to this contraption.  Vehemently.  It was a waste of money.  Coffee from something plastic?  ((Shudddddderssssss)) The K cups were expensive.  What a total fucking waste.

I winced when I saw the giant box on Christmas Day.  I opened it myself.  And I tried to be gracious and say thank you.  I choked on thank you.  Luckily it came with a receipt taped to the box.  Because.  I.   Was.  Going.  To.  Take.  It.  Right.  Back.  To.  The.  Store.  And.   Return.  It.

So, we gave it a try.  We ensconced it in the kitchen on it’s own little throne.  The throne is a crafty little drawer too.  That holds your K-Cups.

A_small_cup_of_coffeeIt took me exactly one morning of quick, easy, hot coffee to fall in love with it.  You see, my caffeine deprived, morning brain could rarely use the self-grinding Cuisinart contraption without a quart of coffee running all over the counter and floor.  So the sense of quick, efficient, non-disaster coffee won me over in the 45 seconds it took to make my first cup.

Say what you will about waste.  And processed plastics.  And cost.  And recycling.  And the environment.  I hear you.  Loud and clear.  I have not made a mess while making coffee since that first day.  That first day of love.  I love you Keurig!  So, so much!

smile coffee cup

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