I’ve become that person…

edged bed….who talks about weed-wackers and grills at a lawn party.

I did all of the things on Saturday and The List was long.  Frankly, I’m trying to hold back from writing the list of what I did on Saturday.  It was an epic Get Shit Done kind of a day.

First I ran the errands.  Early.  Almost no one was out.  Glorious.

(I even picked up my dry cleaning.  Winter stuff that is ready for next year already.  Wow)

Then I tackled the yard.  It looked like Mother Nature was ready to take over.  Which, in a way is good and really cool.  On the other hand?  Moss was encroaching our brick patio.  Weeds were growing up through the fence like….well, like weeds.  The grass was about 6 inches high and had started to go to seed.

Done.  All of it in the back yard is done.

Flower BedThen I carefully washed and detailed the Gypsy Wagon.

And then I power washed the patio.  In doing so, I also covered the back of the house, the patio furniture and myself Completely With Mud.  The patio was clean as a whistle and nothing else was.  A Beautiful Mess.  That is what is was.

flats of flowersNext on the list is flowers (they still have not planted themselves) and tomatoes in the garden box.  Wish me luck.

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