LINKLOVE get lost edition

rabbit-hole fortnum masonI fell right down the rabbit hole earlier this week.  The hole where you waste a little time and then several hours later, you wake up and realize you’re looking at pics of drunk celebrities who have gone to jail.  Then maybe you’ve asked the wikipedia about what jail is like.  Then you link to stories of serial killers in jail.  And then you wake up again…..”Oh My God, that’s 7 hours of my life I’ll never get back!”  And it’s 4 am.

time-wastingHere are a few that hooked me.  Some are news aggregators.  Some are purely celebrity dish.  Some are pic aggregators with a loose story to tie them together.  And then some are amazing places.  Good places to get lost.  Lots of eye candy.  Lots of history.

A few weeks ago I became soooooooo distracted I placed blocks on my own computer.  Yep!  I did.  From the hours of 9 am to 4:30 pm I am blocked from facebook, twitter, etsy, pinterest and reddit.  I blocked my own self.  I used Leechblock for Mozilla Firefox and I used for Stay Focused for Chrome.  It works.  Just not with the celebrities in jail website.  I need to police myself on those.

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