Happy Summer

Solstice was Friday.  Our Super Moon 2013 was Sunday…..

wasea101It proved to be a very auspicious beginning of Summer with the peak in temperatures and the Super Moon.  The energy heightened as the week went on.  Or was that just my imagination.

On Solstice, I spent a lovely evening with my dear friends eating treats, sampling delicious wine and basking under the Moon.  We even did a little bit of rainbow light-up hooping.

purple hoop womanSunday was a fantastic day.  It included breakfast with my beloved, errand running and a dab of sewing.  Then is was off to the races with a trip to Elyria for a long hoop class.  The class was 3 1/2 hours long and included a dance portion, meditation and then a Meditative Movement portion with hoop.  I probably have not danced that hard since my last Dead show…..it was reminiscent of the almost frenzied dancing of my youth.

It was an amazing day to spend with familiar, dear friends and to meet and share with new ones.  I’ll be back, for sure, for the 2nd installment in July.


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