McQueen 4_phixr

Yes, I’m posting incredibly unclear, fuzzy photos from my iPhone.  Yes I am.

Every time I’m on Pinterest I find that any design, no matter how simple, from Alexander McQueen stands out.  I notice it.  Immediately.  Most don’t even need to be tagged or attributed to him.

McQueen 2_phixr

I get a visceral feeling of aesthetics/nature/emotion every time I see his work.  I’m completely obsessed with one of his pieces from a collection where he celebrates his country, Scotland.  I finally bought his coffee table book and I can sit and read it for hours.  Well, look at it for hours.

McQueen 3_phixrI love the fabrics he uses.  I love the tailoring.  You have to love a crisp line, seam or hem in a beautiful wool or tartan.  I love the shape.  And I love the emotion I feel when I see his work.

McQueen 1_phixr

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