I May Have a Problem (a problem with shoes…)


Today’s really my first chance to get organized & get my “systems” back in place. 12 weeks of cycling training followed immediately by 2 weeks of sewing will do that to you.

“Hi my name is Heather and I’m a Shoe Fanatic.  Even possibly a Shoe Whore.”

I give you a portrait of things that must be done. I haven’t been able to get into my closet without fear of turning my ankle for about 5 weeks now. The photo above shows the pairs of shoes “waiting” to be put away & all of them were sitting in and around the door to my closet.


Now ya’ll know that’s not all of my shoes. These are just the ones I’ve worn in the past 3 months….
Notice the back row: boots. Yes. Winter foot gear.

Include in the closet-blocking pile some belts, scarves, a few sweaters and lots of random unmatched socks and you get the picture. Ankle twisting. Toe stubbing. What a mess.


…not nearly all my shoes

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