Switchin’ it Up

love is in the cardsIn a effort to streamline, to eliminate, to purge I’m trying, with some success, to not fret.  Not worry.

I know that everything works out when and how it is supposed to.  I know that intention, effort, and positive thinking lead to manifestation. (Be careful what runs through your mind, you just might get it.  That is:  manifest it, positive or negative, in spades)

I’m learning how to maximize my positive experiences and focus on them.  At the same time, I’m learning to minimize or eliminate the things or the people that are negative.  Everybody’s got their own issues and things to manage.

“Be pitiful, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”            Ian Maclaren

I’m becoming the master at acknowledging the issue or situation, sending big love in it’s direction, deflecting it if necessary and moving on.  Which leads to less fret, less worry and less stress.


hart hands

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