break it up

irisSitting at my desk, filing things, doing research, answering phone calls, forever and forever asking google for answers. (no one talks to google better than me)  Trying to keep cool under the florescent and spot lamps that give such great color definition.  Me?  Color definition on me while indoors?  Not so good.  Sallow.  Splotchy.

I have to break free.  Especially at lunch time.  Sometimes I don’t even want to eat.  I just want to be outside, shoes off, soaking in the groovy-ness that is in the park.  Toes in the grass, listening to the cicadas.  Watching nebby grackles hop around in a tree and then launch themselves at the ground.  Gawd only knows what they devour on the ground.  Weird bugs light all over the picnic table.  The sun slips in and out behind big fluffy clouds.

I just have to soak it in.  Soak in the air, the light, the sounds, the feel of a fresh rain.  Rain that soaks everything.  That makes the trees burst with color and insane lushness.  It makes the grass so green.

Old Man Tree

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