weirdest day

skirt upSo today starts off with it being a bit windy and I’m wearing my Marilyn Monroe little black dress.  You know the cute dress that loves to “flip up” in the smallest breeze?  Yeah, that one.  And I have off site appointments all day.  Walking through parking lots toting a brief case and clutching one’s dress is funny.  (Maybe not so funny, at least not for me)

Then I’m back in the office, talking to one of our installers.  I have to crouch down to look in a file drawer.  So I crouch.  Then I realize I’m eye level with and facing his…ahem….belt.  I play it cool.  I think, “Nothing to see here.  Go about your business.”  I retrieve the item from the file drawer quickly, turn away and then stand up.  All while wearing the shortish Marilyn Monroe dress.  And 5 inch high platform sandals.  Had I stood up without the “turn around” I would have most likely fallen face first into him.

elaine cigar

Then, while talking to the Boss, normally a taciturn guy, we start to talk about a vendor.  I mention the vendor’s relatively obscure ethnic heritage and he launches into a Seinfeld story.  It’s funny to hear this straight-laced guy talk about Seinfeld-isms.  And it’s cracking him right up.  This is happening, while I think that today could have and would have been an excellent Seinfeld episode in itself.


Wish me luck.  I now need to go to the mall and try on bathing suits.  No doubt, hilarity will ensue.

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