New Breakfast Routine


I’m addicted to caffeine.  Really, who isn’t? But  I’ve changed my preferences lately.  I went to the New York Faerie Fest in June and found my new love.  I like cold chai.  And boy, do I love it.  I like it so much, I ordered chai spices from the vendor at the festival.

Why wouldn’t I just buy chai concentrate from the grocery store?  Because that would be smart.  And easy.  Way to easy.  I’m addicted to a certain blend and process of chai that has absolutely nothing to do with a processed container of Oregon Chai.  I like my chai strong, dark over ice with very little sweetener or milk.  I’ve heard tell that my beverage of choice tastes like a clove cigarette over ice.  I’m good with that.

I like this beverage so much that I bring it when I travel.  Yes.  I like it that much.  I almost feel like a junkie.

I take the concentrate.  Liberate some cups and half and half from the hotel.  And get some ice.  I’m in business.


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