Bradstreet BeachGoing away for two weeks is glorious.  Coming back home is always bittersweet.  I love the beach, but I also love coming back home.  Our home is sweet, snug and very charming and comfortable.

Driving into Cleveland is always such a weird experience.  I don’t notice it when I’m here every day…but the view of Downtown Cleveland from the South?  Well, it’s a gritty, industrial scene.  Mother Nature run over.  Run flat by steel mills, chemical plants, bridges, concrete and grit.

Then it’s back to work.  Feeling salty about being “trapped” in a building with no windows doing paperwork and responding to clients.  Trying to get back in the swing of things.  Working out.  Eating right.  Getting back in a routine that I know is good for me.  Then adding things that I truly enjoy.  Going back to yoga.  Taking walks in the park.  Slipping away for walks on our beaches.

VermilionTaking on new projects for clients is exciting.  Running current construction projects given weird parameters, interesting people and tight time frames is challenging and very rewarding.  And sometimes working with possible construction clients makes life way more interesting than I’d like it to be.

Yes all of this.  All of this is happening when my heart and my soul is still at the beach.  Weird huh?  I’m sure you do that too, at least when you’re fresh from a long vacation.

RRiver SunsetI’m sharing a few recent shots of Lake Erie.  She’s what’s saving me these days.  Pretty, isn’t she?


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