the Banks

old nagsheadWe go to the same place each Summer, which sounds pretty boring.  I assure you it’s not.  It’s relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating.  It’s a fun place to explore.  In seven years, we’ve still not seen all that there is to see.

Where do we go?  The Outer Banks.  So delicious….


I love soaking in the sun and the Ocean.  I love a quick spin on a beach bike to see the sights.  I love a long walk down our road to the Sound.  I could sit on the dock all day listening to birds, boats and reading a book.

One of my favorite things to do is explore the “old” neighborhoods of The Banks.  You know me, I’m a sucker for historic vernacular architecture.  Yes, I love me an old beach house.

carova beach NCThere’s a charming tiny neighborhood in Corolla, way north on The Banks.  Tucked away from new condos and shiny beach houses is the Old Corolla Village.  It’s comprised of a handful of vintage buildings and homes and is a 3 minute walk from the famous brick Corolla Light.  It’s the only Banks lighthouse that is unpainted.

corolla lightI love the Island Book Store.  It’s a cool, slightly dusty locally owned bookstore.  I adore it’s next door neighbor, Lovie’s Kitchen Table, which is full of freshly made treats, a chocolate room, a wonderful beer/wine selection and access to my favorite, Outer Banks Sea Salt.

LoviesReally?  I could go back right now.

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