Thoughts Thursday


Just random thoughts:

  • Today is New Moon in Virgo.  I’m a Virgo.  This new moon feels good. I’m in a good groove with it.
  • My cat gets really crabby when all he has to eat is “crunchy food”  He really needs to have the good canned stuff.
  • Doing new things is fun.  Immersing myself in new types of work?  It can really be unsettling, sometimes nerve wracking.  A dear friend said, “Take the plastic covers off the couch Virgo, and breathe”  True that.
  • I went to a psychic this Spring.  Among other things, she mentioned that September would be busy, work-wise and also groundbreaking.  I’m on pace for both those things!
  • I’m working on a project to manifest abundance….not just monetarily, but in all things.  I already have abundant “everything” but….I’m serious this time.  I’m taking it to the next level.  I’m getting really creative with what I’m manifesting.  It’s a lifestyle that I’m manifesting, not just things.
  • My creativity is amazing and nearly out of bounds these days.  Guess what?  It’s time to design and fabricate pretties for FaerieCon.  Perfect timing, huh?
  • bike ride, bike ride, bike ride, bike ride, bike ride, bike ride, bike ride, bike ride.
  • I have been sleeping like a log this week.  Possibly because I’m doing yoga again and cut down on my caffeine.  What do you think?
  • My hair is getting long.  And I like it.
  • I’m still tan from vacation.  I also like this.

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