Inspiration for FaerieCon 2013

In no particular order……

1.  I’m feeling very connected to the earth, to the trees and to all plant life.  So, I’m going with my favorite color, green.  I’d love to use body paint & make myself a pale green.  I may yet do that.  Just not this year.   Oh, and it has a Steampunk twist, of course.

dryad 1“Dryad” by Artemis Kolakis   Illustration for a book called “A Fantasy Artist’s Pocket Reference: Faeries”


2.  I’m also feeling very black.  I wear it nearly every day, so not a surprise there.  Very black.  Very Steampunk.  Very “I see you”

Qsimple Steampunkfrom Elf Fanatasy Fair Haarzuilen 2012 saturday 21 april 2012 by QSimple

3.  I’m feeling playful.  Full of shenanigans.  Hence my Day Fae wear.  Fun, frothy, a bit silly, a bit magickal.  And time lord.  I’m feeling that too.

Actually, I’m feeling tan leather harness and off white ruffles.  And time lord.  I need a sonic screwdriver.

day fae


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