I am


….alternately very sleepy and nappish, with serious stabs of productivity and energy.  I have a hard time when Summer slides into Fall.  I always do.  The lack of light.  The lack of Sunshine.  The need to ramp up into my serious vitamins.  I know this happens but it hits me hard nearly every year.

I’ll be energized, excited and productive for a couple of days.  And then I’ll sleep about 12 hours a day for two days.

I’m just letting it happen.  I’m not going to force myself to be anything that I am not.  If I’m sleepy, I’ll sleep.  If I’m full of energy, I’ll get things done.

See ya!  I’ve got to lounge and catch up on some Dr. Who.  And then probably nap.

About hellpellet

a little pellet of hell
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