Quick Wrap Up

Girl Bad Faeries

Another FaerieCon is in the books.  I had a wonderful, wonderful time.  I have a few observations about the differences this year over previous years.

  • There were many, many more attendees.  Maybe a twenty percent increase?
  • Attendees were more costumed and more enthusiastic about costumes during the balance of the weekend.  There were significantly more high end, completely costumed attendees during the daytime, which is a major change.
  • There were more attendees that seemed to have a ComiCon and/or Gamer bent.  Which was a whole lot of fun.  A Sailor Moon character posing with a full-on Woodland Faerie is entertaining.
  • My hero, Katwise (Kat O’Sullivan) of recycled sweater-making fame was at the Con on Saturday.  She was hanging out with a  group of women who lovingly make sweaters and pay homage to her.  They were even more excited to see her than me.
  • There were considerably more artists, authors and musicians at the Con.  There was no booth space left.  There was always something going on.
  • The costumes during the Masquerade Balls were completely off the chain.  I brought my best this year.  I really did.  And I looked amazing.  But some?  Out of control creativity and amazing execution.
  • That’s liberating in a sense.  I was competing with myself to bigger and better every year.  Now I’m just going to do exactly what it is I want to do.

I’ll be back with more details about all our finery and shenanigans.

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